The Heartburn Solution Review and Scam Report

The Heartburn Solution Honest Review

Are you ready to overcome heartburn issues using the Heartburn Solution? Have you tried all the medications taken more and more doses and still have heartburn? Have you heard the common nutritional advice, stop eating too much, eat less fat, eliminate this and that (like the delicious chocolate and wine) and pay attention only to your results that disappoint you? Maybe your symptoms even get worse.

This is exactly the problem with conventional treatments. You can dissolve your esophagus acid reflux but often do so at the expense of long-term health. They solve a problem but cause a variety of others, for which more medication is often prescribed. This Heartburn Solution program contains all the information you need to permanently eliminate heartburn and acid reflux without medication out there.

About The Heartburn Solution Program

The very first 25 pages of Craig’s Heartburn Solution book deal with the causes of heartburn. He argues (and now I strongly believe) that heartburn is not caused by too much acid, but not enough. It turns out that in the presence of gastric acid is low, the sugar can be fermented foods we eat and cause excess gas. Craig explains.

Bad breath, belching and bloating, are some of the symptoms that result. The mass of undigested food and the resulting gas accumulates in the stomach and can begin to put pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter to hold the valve, which keeps the stomach separated from the esophagus. Over time, the lower esophageal sphincter can be weakened by this continuous increase in pressure.

With increasing pressure, part of the acidic gastric contents can flow back into the esophagus. And as we have seen, unlike the stomach, the esophagus lining is not for acid, so it burns. As described above, this burn of the esophageal mucosa is known as heartburn, the main cause of heartburn is, therefore, the underproduction of stomach acid.

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About The Author Of The Heartburn Solution Program

Craig, a practitioner of nutritional therapy in Northampton, Craig offers a simple solution of 3 steps that are here in the Heartburn solution in whopping 30 days for that will make your digestion run smoothly in no time without pain! The lovely 30 days plan uses real foods to heal your body. Know the simplest way to plan meals, with delicious meals all week long.

Do not feel overwhelmed by the 21 different things that you need to do, as you can find on other diets. Most see reduced symptoms in just a few days or weeks. You have nothing to lose except your heartburn!

How The Heartburn Solution Program Works

What about all those antacids we ingest? Would not that make the problem worse? While it is true that by reducing gastric acid levels, successfully relieving the burning sensation of heartburn, these medications eventually perpetuate the problem. In addition, they can also cause other digestive problems, which Craig explains quite satisfactorily in his book.

Craig developed a nutritional treatment plan with patients in their practice, and that’s the protocol that shares in the second half of his book.

The Program Is Indeed A 4 Great Week Protocol Divided Into Two Segments Of Two Weeks

Carrying out a tremendous amount of detail, to put it simply, Craig writes a 100% real diet for the full 30 days, which promotes intestinal health and helps soothe the intestinal tissues. The first two weeks do not contain grains, and the second two-week series may include a number of recommended (short-term!) Supplement if you have not seen a significant improvement.

I appreciate how Craig dealt with this part of the book. Not only provides an adequate rationale and practical steps that guide you through the diet, but also has sections to help with problem-solving when a particular step seems difficult or perhaps tricky to implement.

Pros Of The Heartburn Solution

  • Fortunately, the Heartburn Solution program is packed with recipes that help you successfully implement Craig’s nutritional protocol.
  • This book is indeed factual and if maybe you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn and does not feel relief, try this book. You will be surprised and will not regret it, many thanks to the author for this relief. I am always thankful to him as well.
  • This author says 30 days; It took some just 10 days to feel better! The heartburn solution is a useful book. For many, it was a great blessing!

Cons Of The Heartburn Solution

  • You can not find it anywhere except online


You may be willing to get rid of conventional medications and find a natural solution to your ongoing heartburn. You want to choose the 30 days plan to eradicate heartburn and do a lot to reduce other ailments, such as swelling, flatulence, fatigue, weight gain, constipation, nausea, gall bladder troubles, just to name a few Unlike drugs that always block acidity, this Heartburn Solution program is designed to truly help you feel healthy and not just to eliminate your symptoms.

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